Self Portrait (Palm Print)

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Self Portrait (Palm Print)


one of several made between 1944 and 1950

This palm print was one of several made between twelve and eighteen years of age; it represents the artist's mantra "I, Here, Now" to make work I, here and now; this is a reproduction of one of the original prints made by Archie Robertson and Vivian Lynn at Waireka, Wanganui between 1944 and 1950 for Vivian and to be included in his catalogue collection of palm prints from around the world.

Vivian Isabella Robertson / Nov 30th 1931 (born)

460 x 328 mm

Waireka homestead on the Wanganui River, Wanganui, New Zealand

Cover of Adam Art Gallery catalogue 2010 for Lynn's survey exhibition 2008/9


Kenwyn Terrace Studio