Print (Collagraph)



ed. 1/12
640 x 526mm

A collagraphic print, printed wet on wet in three colours. The image is a predominantly yellow circle (broken with red and blue), with undulating lines, intersecting across the surface creating a visual ripple or disturbance.

From the Hello Plato series – each print is composed of geometric shapes, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, the grid and symmetry.

"Shallow space" is indicative of the artist's concerns related to her conversations about space at the time (see Greenberg and others). The ground in her collagraphic prints is a maculated surface arrived at from processes she developed to accept "the given" in the work process and to break down and go beyond traditional codes binding printmaking processes. As Hayter was working in Paris, Lynn developed editions of prints in which the random elements offered by materials in the printing process were given value, thus she created editions of 10 prints as series, all slightly different and signed AP (artist's proof). As Lynn said at the time, her editions occupied the space between the print and painting.